Real Estate

No matter how large or small the matter, whether a simple escrow dispute or a multi-million dollar construction defect case, the Law Office of Dana Leigh Cisneros zealously advocates on behalf of its clients.

  • Breach of Contract –
    • Contract formation
    • a) Offer
    • b) Acceptance
    • c) Counter offer
    • d) Rejection
    • e) Expiration of offer
  • Fraud
    1. Intentional Misrepresentation
    2. Concealment
    3. Negligent Misrepresentation
    4. False Promise without Intention to Perform
  • Failure to disclose
    1. Disclosure requirements of seller
    2. Disclosure requirements of seller’s agent
    3. Disclosure requirements of lender
  • Boundary disputes
  • Trespass
  • Mechanic’s liens
    1. General Contractors
    2. Subcontractors
  • Escrow
    • Escrow officers are intermediaries who facilitate the exchange of documents and money in connection with the purchase and sale of real and personal property.
    • Escrow officers must strictly follow the escrow instructions agreed upon by both parties to the transaction.
    • Sometimes, the escrow instructions are not clear, which can lead to a number of problems for both parties to the transaction.
    • It is important to have clear escrow instructions reviewed by a skilled and licensed attorney.  Otherwise, the parties often times end up waiving very important rights and are responsible for escrow fees and charges even if the transaction is not ultimately completed.